Who we help

Special THANKS to our partners at Sacred Heart for serving over 3000 people of San Jose each week

We are really excited to be partnering with Sacred Heart Community Service of San Jose. Sacred Heart services 600 low income families and homeless people of San Jose EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Think about that number... every week, over 3000 members of our community are in desperate need of the basic necessities.  Through Sacred Heart's Food and Clothing project, they have a Food Pantry, a Clothes Closet and a "La Mesa Verde" Home Gardening center, all providing groceries, clothing and gardening supplies for the people of San Jose.

I recently visited with Poncho and Gloria at Sacred Heart.  I got to tour the Food Pantry and the Clothes Closet while men and woman visited for their weekly and monthly supplies.  Thanks to all the donations they receive, there was a good supply of food and clothing.  Poncho told me, they can ALWAYS use more of EVERYTHING.

During my visit, Poncho walked me over to their Shoe Shelf.  When he showed me their shoe supply, my heart sank.  There is a HUGE need here friends, HUGE!  There were hardly any shoes.  Our friends of San Jose need more shoes.  Have YOU been saving your shoes?  I hope so... Poncho and his staff at Sacred Heart would love more to provide the over 3000 people that come with many needs each and every week.  Take a look in your closet, if you have a pair of shoes in good condition, please consider sharing them with us.