Save Your Shoes


Someone will THANK YOU for it ♥


Have you seen the shoes of someone in need?  Worn, ragged, and usually with a hole or two.  Now, think of the shoes in your closet.  For many of us in the Bay Area, our closet is full, we have more shoes than we need.  If you are a runner, after three months, your running shoes need to be replaced. So, you buy a new pair while the other pair, still almost new, sits… in your closet, never to be worn again.

Think about it… if those almost new shoes had just a little love and care with a visit to your washing machine, those gently worn shoes could be something really special to someone else. Those shoes could be comfort, dignity, ownership, confidence, and pride… for someone else. SAVE YOUR SHOES and SHARE them with someone who could really use a new pair.

Several years ago, my husband came up with the idea of Shoes4theCity.  He noticed that we were accumulating an access of shoes in our closet and in our kid's closets too.  These perfectly good shoes just sat... unused. Justin thought, there must be a solution, there must be someone we can help.... We can’t be the only family with a closet full of perfectly good shoes.  He took this idea to the Morgan Hill Half Marathon, set up a booth and a bin and asked for runners to donate their extra shoes.  In two days, he collected 200 pairs of shoes. 200 pairs of shoes!  Perfectly good shoes that we were able to share with people in need in our community. SAVE YOUR SHOES.


How does it work?

First step, take a cold hard look at your closet… if you have shoes that YOU would wear with pride, with dignity, with confidence, then, those are the Shoes to share with someone else.  Step two, take those shoes straight to your washing machine and with a quick 45 minute cycle, those shoes will be good as new. Then, a day of air drying is all they need to be ready to go with confidence to their next owner, someone who could really use them.  If your shoes are in need of new laces, NO PROBLEM, replacing the laces in simple, inexpensive and will make all the difference in the world.

SAVE YOUR SHOES. Someone will THANK YOU for it ♥

  • Lisa Wall/Shoes4theCity