Plan an Event


Plan an Event

Collect Shoes through your organization!


RALLY your SCHOOL, your Sports Club, your Company or your CHURCH to collect their gently worn shoes!

It's simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pick a local charity who you want to help.  There are a lot of needs for shoes in our City and beyond.  If you have a special group you would like to donate your shoes too, GREAT!  And, if you need help finding a charity, let us know!
  2. We'll provide marketing, images, Shoes4theCity logos, banner and facebook posts. 
  3.  Collect the shoes.

Once you've collected the shoes, we will help you deliver them to your Charity.  And, you and your organization can feel really AWESOME that you helped the people of our city get a GOOD pair of shoes to wear.