Since its inception in 2010, SHOES4THECITY has donated thousands of shoes to grateful men, woman and children in the San Jose Bay Area and beyond...

historypicShoes4TheCity, is a simple program that works with partners and individuals throughout the Bay Area to collect new and gently worn shoes and give them away to people in our cities who need them most. Companies, Schools, Sports Programs and individuals collect their shoes and Shoes4TheCity partners with local programs with great needs for shoes to give away.  It's as simple as WASH + DONATE = Shoes for someone who could really use it.


Thanks to our community partners, Shoes4TheCity has established donation stations through Google, YouTube, Saratoga High School, Club One, Morgan Hill Marathon, Race to the End of Summer and Orange Theory.  We have given thousands of shoes away through local programs like, Project Homeless Connect, Emmanual House, EHC Lifebuilders, Beautiful Day and Sacred Heart Community Service. Every day programs like Sacred Heart have over 600 people in need of food and clothing.  There is a huge need for MORE shoes, let's get GOOD shoes on the feet of the people in our City.




Shoes4TheCity serves Northern California and beyond to provide shoes for the people in our cities who need them most.