Who we are

Shoes4TheCity was founded by Justin and Lisa Wall

My wife Lisa and I are both long time Bay Area natives.  We have a pretty busy life raising three active kids and working our regular jobs to support our sports crazy family.  Back in 2010, when our kids were just 4, 6, and 8, we started noticing that we had an excess of shoes piling up in our closets.  As active parents, we tend to ‘retire’ our athletic shoes after a certain number of miles, even though they are still in excellent condition. Our kids may grow a shoe size in a month, and they too had perfectly good shoes, sitting in their closet.  We thought... there MUST be something we can do, someone we can share these shoes with.  The light bulb went off for me... and, this began the journey of Shoes4theCity.

Lisa and I knew that we weren’t alone and figured most everyone (not just active parents with rapidly growing kids) had a pile of shoes in their closets that they weren't wearing. That simple idea led to the start of Shoes4TheCity, an organization that collects new and gently worn shoes in all styles and sizes and then donates the shoes to areas of need.  Since it's inception, thousands of shoes have been donated and given to grateful men, woman and children in the San Jose Bay Area and beyond to as far as Kenya, Africa.   I am so thankful to all our community partners who have helped us provide so many shoes to the people of our cities.  When I look into the eyes of a person trying on their shoes and I see their excitement, their relief, then I know that this is a good thing.

  • Justin Wall, Founder



Shoes4TheCity serves Northern California and beyond to provide shoes for the people in our cities who need them most.